A-Line Skirt Tutorial for Tween Girls

Hurray for a-line skirts.  These are my favorite thing to make right now!  This skirt was for my 12 year old daughter.  And so the measurements for this tutorial will be different than yours.  However, you can make this skirt for any size by just knowing 3 measurements.  So here goes my first attempt at a tutorial.  Hope you understand it.

3/4 yd. Main Fabric 
1/4 yd. Contrast Fabric
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Matte
Omnigrid Rectangular Straight Edge
Waist - 29”
Hips - 30”
Length - 22” (completed skirt length)
Here we go...

Cut 2 pieces from the main fabric measuring 16” x 22”.  Skirt Front and Skirt Back.
Cut 2 pieces of contrast fabric measuring 8” x 22”.
Cut 2 pieces of main fabric measuring 5” x 15” for the waistband.

We’re going to cut the ‘Skirt Back’ piece first.  The bottom should measure 22”.  I want the top of my 'Skirt Back' to measure 15".  So you’re going to make a diagonal cut starting from the top left corner.  Measure 3” in and mark (use a straight pin or sewing marker).  Do the same on the top right corner.  Using your Omnigrid, make a diagonal cut from the 3” mark to the bottom of the fabric.  Do the same on the right side.

NOTE: I used a 3" difference between the top length of the skirt (15") and the bottom length of the skirt (22").  This makes the 'A-Line'.  I did make a skirt with 1" difference and it came out looking like a straight skirt.  Still cute but not a true A-line.

Now we’re going to cut the ‘Skirt Front’.  Place the ‘Skirt Back’ on top of the ‘Skirt Front’.  This time we’re going to measure 2” in and make a diagonal cut to the bottom.  So when you’re finished with both sides...the ‘Skirt Front’ should hang out 1” on either side at the top left and right corners and meet up at the bottom. 
Finished measurements: Skirt Front 17” x 22” and Skirt Back 15” x 22”.

Find the middle in the top of your ‘Skirt Front’.  Make your first pleat by folding the fabric over about 1mm and hold in place with a straight pin.  

Make a total of 5 pleats.  Pleats should be spaced 3/4” - 1” apart.  Press with an iron.

Sew 5 1/2” down.
The hard part is done.

With right sides together, sew the ‘Skirt Front’ and ‘Skirt Back’ together at the sides.  

Press seams open, serge, or zig zag the raw edges.

With right sides together, sew contrast fabric together at the sides.  Press seams open, serge, or zig zag the raw edges.  Fold fabric in half length wise so you now have a 4” x 44” circle.
Pin the contrasting fabric to the bottom right side of your skirt.  Remember to line up your side seams.  Sew and press seams towards the top of your skirt.  Top stitch on the right side of your skirt to keep the seams in place.

You're almost done!  I'm getting excited!

With right sides together, sew the waistband at the sides.  Press seams open, serge, or zig zag the raw edges.

Make a casing for your ribbon and/or elastic by folding down 1/4” and press with iron.  Then fold another 1” down and press with iron.  Sew, leaving an 1 1/2” opening.

Pin waistband to the right side of your skirt lining up the side seams.  Sew and press seams toward the top of your skirt.  Top stitch, again, on the right side to keep seams in place.
Almost done!  I used ribbon for my skirt.  Not elastic.  If you are using elastic continue reading.  If you are using ribbon skip down to the *.  Thread your elastic through the casing with a safety pin.  Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the opening closed.  You are done!  
Admire your work and say, ‘I am amazing!’ Because you are!

*Ribbon.  Using your seam ripper...rip the seam you made for your elastic casing on the waistband.  Only rip down about 1 1/2”.  

Thread your ribbon through the casing with a safety pin.  

With desired amount hanging out of casing, stitch down one side of opening and half way up the other.  Do not stitch over the second opening.  You want your back ribbon to be adjustable.  Sewing this way will secure the ribbon at one end while the other end can be pulled to fit waist.

Now you are done.  Hurry!  Look how cute your skirt is!  
Admire your work and say, ‘I am amazing!’  Because you are!


Joey and Nettifer said...

You are awesome and I love how detailed your tutorials are! Keep it up! I wish I knew how to sew!

Heather G. said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! Made one for my 11 yr old niece today.